Disposing of your seedling containers, shelters, zip ties, and netting

  While planting native trees and shrubs is great for the environment, the plastic containers, shelters, and netting that come along with them are not. Here are some tips and suggestions for disposing of these plastics responsibly:

Seedling containers: Unfortunately, many disposal companies do not accept plastic plant containers for recycling. Here are three options for recycling these containers:

  1. The Gettysburg Garden Club accepts empty plant containers for use in their annual plant sale. Email for more information.
  2. Home Depot accepts empty plant containers to reuse and recycle, as well.
  3. Reuse the containers yourself for propagating your annuals and vegetables. Simply rinse out the empty container with a solution of 10% bleach, rinse well, and let dry.

Seedling shelters: When your seedling outgrows its shelter, it’s important to dispose of it properly in the trash so that it doesn’t degrade our water supply. We’re working on ways to recycle seedling shelters, so if you have space, you can also store your shelters for reuse or hopefully, recycling someday soon.

Zip ties and netting: Please be mindful of gathering up these small plastic items as your seedlings grow. You can drop them in your recycling bin or trash can.