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Board of Directors
2017 Officers and Directors

President - Pat Naugle
Watershed Address: Stevens Run
Pat currently works as a contractor for the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.  He is actively involved with the Adams County Conservation District and the Land Conservancy of Adams County.
Vice President - Susan McDowell
Watershed Address:  Conewago Creek
Susan, ecologist/environmental scientist, retired from EPA (Mid-Atlantic Regional office) in 2014 where she worked for 25 years.  Prior to retirement, Susan worked on Clean Water Act programs, including the Sect. 319 Nonpoint Source program and the National Estuary Programs. She also helped design a region-wide rain garden campaign with three estuary programs and led a local campaign in her former neighborhood of Ambler, PA.   Susan now works as a horticultural therapist and is involved with the Land Conservancy of Adams County, the Biglerville Garden Club and the American Legion Auxiliary.  She and her husband, Bob Wenger, are enjoying their home in orchard country.
Secretary - Mark Berg
Watershed Address: Middle Creek
Mark D. Berg is a former President of the Watershed Alliance. He organized Keep Adams Green, which led to the Adams County Water and Land Protection Bond Referendum which the voters approved, authorizing the commissioners to spend up to $10 million “…for the purposes of financing land conservation and preservation efforts, including protection of drinking water sources, stream water quality, wildlife habitat, farmland, open space and recreation lands…”
Treasurer- Jim Gockowski
Watershed Address: Plum Run
Jim Gockowski is an agricultural economist with a PhD from the University of Florida and a B.Sc. in Conservation and Resource Management from the University of Maryland. He worked for over 30 years in West and Central Africa on development issues; most recently, on the trade-offs between rural development and environmental services for the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. Now retired with a residence at Lake Heritage in Gettysburg his current interests lie with environmental education and the promulgation of best management practices at the local level.
Director - Autumn Arthur
Watershed Address: Swamp Creek
Autumn is the programs and events manager of Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve. She has a degree in environmental studies and education from Gettysburg College, and is currently pursuing a masters of public administration from Penn State. She has worked for several environmental nonprofits in southeastern and central PA.
Director - Larry Bullis
Watershed Address: Marsh Creek
After retirement until 2015, Larry and his wife Judy lived on a 50 acre farm in Gettysburg where they raised purebred Simmental cattle. Since Larry's childhood, he has been aware of proper water and soil conservation practices and employed them on their farm. He fenced the cows out of the floodplain and maintained a raparian buffer to keep his cattle away from the creek as well as fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides.His post-high school education was a BS in civil engineering that he earned at the US Military Academy (West Point).
Director - John Messeder Jr
Watershed Address: Willoughby Run
John is a freelance journalist and environmental columnist. He has hunted, hiked and camped in several states and experienced first hand the results of collisions between human needs and water conservation efforts.

Director-  Steve Zimmerman
Watershed address: Marsh Creek
 Steve is the owner of Zimmerman’s Azalea Gardens and landscape construction company located in Gettysburg. He is also an organizer of the Gettysburg Green Gathering.

Director-  Vacant
Watershed Address:
Director-  Vacant
Watershed Address: