Base Flow and Impervious Cover
in West Conewago Creek Watershed

This project is a continuation of the Real-time Stream Gage Growing Greener project. The report will provide an evaluation of the groundwater contribution (or base flow) to the West Conewago Creek watershed upstream of the East Berlin stream gage by using hydrogeologic data generated primarily from the USGS Gerhart and Lazorchick (1998) model of the lower Susquehanna River Basin. The report will also provide consideration of how the impervious cover (e.g., roads parking lots and other paved surfaces) within the watershed may affect base flow and available water resources. 

A draft report was prepared for the Watershed Alliance of Adams County by GeoServices, Ltd of Camp Hill, PA. The graphic information system (GIS) data and mapping used in the report presentation were prepared by the Adams County Conservation District. The report is in draft form and is undergoing further refinement. View a copy of the draft presentation as presented on November 7, 2007 (8MB PowerPoint).

Reports and Maps

Projected Population Densities
Final Report

Funding for the project is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection through a Growing Greener grant.