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Watershed Alliance of Adams County
5 Year Strategic Plan

Revised: September 17, 2015

MissionThe mission of the Watershed Alliance of Adams County (WAAC) is to monitor, improve, and protect water resources within Adams County.

Methods to Accomplish Mission:

1. Investigate: Gather data about the quality and quantity of water in Adams County; and about the needs of local governments related to water resources.


  1. Regularly meet with/survey local municipalities to see the how WAAC can help them make educated decisions on water issues (e.g., Adams Co COG, survey)
  2. Develop/support county-wide water monitoring programs and databases to monitor water resource trends and identify current issues

2. Advocate: Encourage sound water management and land use practices that promote a sustainable watershed; promote watershed improvement projects.


  1. Promote ways local elected officials and planners can improve local water resources; model ordinances, trainings, comprehensive plans (water element), best management practices
  2. Serve on government committees that deal with water-related issues. e.g., Water Resources Advisory Committee (WRAC)
  3. Participate in ad hoc task forces. e.g., Critical Area Resource Plan (CARP)
  4. Collaborate with organizations whose goals are similar to WAAC’s
  5. Present/submit written or oral testimony/comments where appropriate

3. Educate: Inform local watershed stakeholders about timely water related issues and provide opportunities for those stakeholders to get involved.


  1. Submit monthly articles to the Gettysburg Times on timely water issues
  2. Sponsor volunteer opportunities. e.g., stream cleanup
  3. Maintain an up-to-date website
  4. Maintain an up-to-date display and take it to appropriate events
  5. Publish newsletter
  6. Provide periodic, timely water related meetings
  7. Furnish speakers for organizations interested in learning about water resource issues

 4. Sustain and Grow: Maintain the viability and sustainability of the Watershed Alliance of Adams County.


  1. Carry out day-to-day administration of WAAC
  2. Establish an annual plan of work and recruit project leads
  3. Create and approve an annual calendar and budget
  4. Maintain current membership
  5. Recruit Board members to forward/support mission
  6. Increase membership
  7. Mobilize membership
  8. Pursue grant funding when appropriate
  9. Update bylaws and other governing documents as needed