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2022 Board of Directors

WAAC Vice-President Joan Horak
President: Joan Horak
Watershed: Conewago Creek
Joan graduated with a degree in Biology. She participated from 2002 until 2016 in medical research with Tufts University, Auburn University and New York University Medical Center raising sheep for studies and development of gene therapy for Tay-Sachs Disease in children.  She has been active in the Gettysburg community since arriving here in 2013, acting as Volunteer Coordinator for CARES, with the Adams County Housing Authority and Affordable Housing, as a Gleaning Gardener for the SCAAP Gleaning Project and is the Chair for the Environmental Committee of the Gettysburg Garden Club.

WAAC President Pat Naugle
Vice-President: Pat Naugle
Watershed: Stevens Run
Pat retired from PECO Energy as the Plant Manager, Conowingo and Muddy Run Hydroelectric Plants.  He was a charter member of the Watershed Alliance of Adams County, and is an Associate Director, Adams County Conservation District. Pat serves on several committees related to water resources including the Potomac Regional Water Resources Committee (State Water Plan/Act 220), and chairs the Gettysburg Municipal Authority Source Water Protection Steering Committee.  Pat has contracted with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission for project review.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania (Active-Retired Status).

Board member Chris Little

Secretary: Chris Little
Watershed: Conewago Creek
Chris is a writer and editor who moved with her family to Adams County in 2001. After many years living on the banks of Willoughby Run, she currently lives at the headwaters of the Conewago Creek. She has been active in many community organizations, and currently volunteers with the Land Conservancy of Adams County, Healthy Adams Bicycle and Pedestrian, Inc., and the Canner Funds, in addition to the Watershed Alliance of Adams County. She deeply enjoys drinking, cooking with, and swimming in clean water.

WAAC Secretary Mark Berg
Treasurer: Mark Berg
Watershed: Middle Creek
Mark D. Berg is a former President of the Watershed Alliance. He organized Keep Adams Green, which led to the Adams County Water and Land Protection Bond Referendum which the voters approved, authorizing the commissioners to spend up to $10 million “…for the purposes of financing land conservation and preservation efforts, including protection of drinking water sources, stream water quality, wildlife habitat, farmland, open space and recreation lands…”

WAAC Director Deb Barnes
Director: Deb Barnes
Watershed: Marsh Creek
Deb grew up on a guest farm in Vermont where the family grew organic vegetables, beef, pork and milk which were served to the guests. The farm also kept 15-20 horses for trail riding.  Water conservation was a necessity as they operated year-round from a ground spring. This background led to a 50-year career of horse training, several years of ski instruction, and many years of volunteering for environmental work and water testing programs. Currently she is on the Board and several committees at Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve as well as the WAAC water testing committee and Board.

Director: Lesa Bird
Watershed: Willoughby Run
After graduating from Penn State with a degree in biology, Lesa Bird worked in cardiovascular research before moving to Gettysburg 22 years ago with her family. Once in Gettysburg, she pursued her love of both research and the environment by working with the Watershed Alliance and the Adams County Office on Aging as they tested the water quality of local streams (usually with her children as assistants). Over the past 17 years she has worked for Advancing Science at Gettysburg College, which brings hands-on science activities and equipment to K-12 classrooms in south-central Pennsylvania with a special focus on watershed education and the Chesapeake Bay. As retirement approaches, Lesa is excited about having time to travel, spend time with her family in NYC and Pittsburgh, tame her garden, get just a few nibbles on the end of her fishing line, and focusing her energy on the many volunteer opportunities she enjoys in Adams County.

WAAC Director Cliff Frost
Director: Cliff Frost
Watershed: Middle Creek
Cliff is a retired network engineer and telecommunications executive, with a Bachelor’s degree in statistics and a Master’s in Biostatistics from the University of California.  He has been active in conservation efforts his entire life.  His wife’s family have lived on a farm on Middle Creek since the mid-1960s.  Cliff and his wife have been active in local historical and ecological conservation efforts in Adams County since moving here in 2014.  Cliff is particularly interested in assisting efforts to collect and maintain data that can be used to drive fact-based conversations, decisions, and actions.

Director: Rich Luquette
Rich’s family moved to the Gettysburg area in the 1960’s. Following graduation from Gettysburg High School he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and later earned a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland. His career as a civil servant began with summer employment at the FCC office in Gettysburg. He retired as the Head of the Propulsion Branch at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He and his wife returned to Adams County in 2015 after spending most of their working years living in Carroll County, Maryland. 

WAAC Director John Messeder
Director: John Messeder Jr
Watershed: Willoughby Run
John is a freelance journalist and environmental columnist. He has hunted, hiked and camped in several states and experienced collisions of human needs and water conservation efforts.

Director: Bruce Rowland
Watershed: Tom's Creek
Bruce, a life-long resident of Adams County, grew up fishing the local trout streams with his dad. His parents encouraged his love of nature as a child, which instilled in him the value of stewardship. He went on to pursue studies of natural sciences at Juniata College, Penn State University, and Shippensburg University. Bruce found his calling teaching Biology, Geoenvironmental Science and Environmental Science at Carlisle High School. He also coached the school’s Envirothon Team and worked in developing environmental education curriculum for grades K-5. After “rewiring” in 2017 he has devoted more time to his family, faith, and friends (and music, coffee, and Adams County!) Bruce and his wife Pam reside in Carroll Valley.

Director: Deb Wentling
Watershed: Tom’s Creek
Deb is retired from Mount St. Mary’s University where she taught writing and ESL. She grew up hiking and fishing in the mountains of western Maryland. Now her favorite hiking trails are in Strawberry Hill and Michaux State Forest. Her lifelong love of the natural world has shaped her life; environmental concerns have been central. She is an active member of Friends of Tom’s Creek, South Mountain Audubon, and Trout Unlimited. As a member of WAAC, she collects and tests water from local streams. Devoted to preserving the integrity of the natural world, Deb seeks to share the idea that Nature has an inherent value, seeing the non-human world as more than simply a resource.

Director: Steve Zimmerman
Watershed: Marsh Creek
Steve is the owner of Zimmerman’s Azalea Gardens and landscape construction company located in Gettysburg. He is also an organizer of the Gettysburg Green Gathering.