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Spring seedling distribution set for April.
Seedling request form goes live Feb. 27. 

It may be only January, but the Adams County Planting Partnership’s Steering Committee is already hard at work planning for this spring’s native tree and shrub seedling distribution. It’s time for you to start thinking about what seedlings you’d like to plant this year!
What’s the Adams County Planting Partnership (ACPP)? It’s a joint initiative of the Watershed Alliance, the Adams County Conservation Districtand you! The ACPP is made possible by the resources of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership, which aims to plant 10 million native trees and shrubs in Pennsylvania by 2025.
Our role is to distribute native seedlings here in Adams County, to folks like you with anything from acres of land to a small backyard in need of some cooling shade.
Our Spring 2023 tree and shrub request form will go live on Monday, Feb 27. We expect to be distributing our seedlings in late April. 

Join our email list to be among the first to receive the link to our seedling request form, as well as other important updates and opportunities (note: if you’ve requested trees from us before, you’re already on the list!).
We rely heavily on volunteers to help make the ACPP a success. Please consider signing up to be an ACPP volunteerWe work hard, but we have a lot of fun!
Need more information? Drop us a line!

What to do if you see a spill in a local stream or creek

If you’re out enjoying one of our beautiful Adams County waterways and you notice something amiss—significant clouding, a strange color or odor in the water, a lot of dead fish—anything that could indicate that a spill has occurred upstream, here are some ways you can help protect your stream:

Call 911. One of the first concerns when you see a spill is to make sure the incident is reported immediately to the proper authorities—by calling 911 and reporting what you’ve seen, you’ll set those wheels in motion.

Take lots of photos. It’s important to document the spill with photographs, as early and as thoroughly as possible. You might try taking multiple photos at locations moving upstream toward the spill, if it’s safe to do so. Be sure also to photograph any dead fish or macroinvertebrates you observe. The photos may be useful to the DEP or the PFBC as they investigate the spill.

If possible, return to the scene after a few days to document any changes. Has the water cleared? Do you see any dead fish or insects? Take photos!

Protecting the waters of Adams County

The Watershed Alliance of Adams County is a member-based organization whose goals are to:

  • Help residents better understand the complex watershed issues affecting Adams County.
  • Encourage sound water management and land use practices that will promote a sustainable watershed resource.
  • Support a county-wide water monitoring program and data base to use for evaluating water resources.
  • Identify and carry out watershed improvement projects.
  • Maintain the viability and sustainability of the Watershed Alliance of Adams County.

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