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Most people know it can be unsafe to drink unfiltered water out of a stream or lake, even if the water is visibly clear. This is true almost anywhere, including Adams County. Places where public swimming is encouraged are required to test the water to make sure it isn’t overly contaminated. But in Pennsylvania we have many waterways—more than 1,000 miles in Adams County alone—and most of them are not tested regularly.

The Watershed Alliance is launching a water-testing program aimed at this issue. Thanks to a grant from the South Mountain Partnership, we’ll be testing 20–30 sites in 2022. Our plan is to inform the public about where our local waters may be contaminated, and we hope that our findings will inform future water-quality improvement efforts. Learn more here.

Protecting the waters of Adams County

The Watershed Alliance of Adams County is a member-based organization whose goals are to:

  • Help residents better understand the complex watershed issues affecting Adams County.
  • Encourage sound water management and land use practices that will promote a sustainable watershed resource.
  • Support a county-wide water monitoring program and data base to use for evaluating water resources.
  • Identify and carry out watershed improvement projects.
  • Maintain the viability and sustainability of the Watershed Alliance of Adams County.

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